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Document Management Software

UzDoc is online document management software that enables organizations to automate and manage the complete document and file management cycle. Its robust functionality helps companies with managing business documents, version control, process workflows, records and folders from a centralized location. The online document management software has been integrated with UzDoc solution to simplify the approval process. UzDoc also includes team collaboration and file management features to manage files, records, and retention & disposition schedules.

Content chaos results when documents are stored in multiple places—on laptops and USB sticks, in email and network drives and across various file-sharing sites. These content siloes are a drain on business productivity and increase security risks.

ABLUS document management software brings company content under control. Important files—like legal contracts, marketing assets and engineering documents—are easily found, shared and secured. Information flows to the right person, at the right time, in the applications and devices people use to get their jobs done.

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