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Library Management Software

Library Management System is a software used to manages the catalog of a library. This helps to keep the records of whole transactions of the books available in the library.

ABLUS provides Library Management System which is very easy to use and fulfills all the requirement of a librarian. There are many features which helps librarian to keep records of available books as well as issued books. This software is available in both mode i.e. web-based or local host based. We provide best Library Management System of this planet.

Store all resource information in a single place.
Whether it's a book, journal, newspaper or magazine, just use the ISBN barcode and enter details like the title, author, language, publisher’s name, and year of publication to add the resource to a central database.

Streamline membership management.
Need to enroll a new member? Just fill in their name, mobile number and email address, then upload a picture. With the powerful reporting feature, librarians can easily manage member details, keep track of borrowed books, and filter data by specifics like due dates or the number of visits.

Check readers in and out readers with ease.
Check readers in with a smart Dashboard. Their logged time is automatically added to a report. Librarians can also see which readers checked in at a specific time or the entire history of an individual member's visits.

Process borrow and renew requests with one click.
Members can use the web-app to request new books or extend due dates. Requests are recorded by type (new or renewal) in individual reports. The librarian can then approve or reject requests, based on the availability of the books.